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A successful business transaction includes:

Buyers and Sellers always want to know the process by which they will acquire or sell a business.  All successful transactions follow these basic steps:

  • Analysis: The analysis provides incite to the true cash flow and net worth of a business. It also provides clarification of the potential buyers or sellers which would be of interested to you.


  • Marketing: Our best source of buyers and sellers are local, regional, and national owners and investors listed in our proprietary data base who have specified the opportunity they seek. Several of our buyers are investment groups, capital partners, high net worth individuals, and fund managers who have authorized us to represent them to potential sellers.


  • Interviewing: We understand how important confidentiality is in buying and selling a business. Confidentiality is one of the important reasons why buyers and sellers prefer not to contact potential interested parties directly. We are in a position to find out the interest level, and motivation of a prospective buyer or seller before they learn any details about each other.  This allows us to avoid embarrassing situations, wasted time, unnecessary expense, and unwanted disclosure of finances.


  • Closing: We have relationships with Attorneys, CPAs, cash flow & funding experts, and estate planning advisors, who specialize in business transactions. We can help you create a team of experts that can reduce the red tape and tax liability of a successful business transaction.   Because of the preparation work done before the closing we greatly reduce the risk of last minute surprises that often cause a sale to fall through.

Sellers: Alternative Ideas

Alternatives to Selling: When appropriate we help Sellers pursue other options. Such as finding financing or planning for management buy-out.

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